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Promotional campaigns and management

Promotional Materials


Creating and sourcing promotional materials for our clients is one of the services we are reknowned for. When you're selling your brand, we can help you - sometimes in subtle ways, others in the boldest way possible.

Our aim is to help you sell yourself. With promotional items and merchandise, you can propagate your brand and identity quickly and effectively. Most people forget that there is often a logo printed on a pen or a pad of sticky notes. But the fact that the logo is constantly in front of them means that the message is there in front of them and others constantly. Amongst the items that we source from our trusted suppliers to ours and our clients specifications are:

  • Mugs and Thermal Cups.

  • Stationery, such as pens and rulers, sticky note pads.

  • Useful items, such as paperweights and calculators.

  • USB memory sticks and small computer peripherals.

Email us, or call us for more details on 01243 933203.