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Mark Chalmers and Toby Crump

Mark Chalmers and Toby Crump first came to visit us in 2013 when after many happy years working with each other, they decided to formally make the jump to setting up a limited company. 

After many ideas and soundings, the name Brooksprite Timberbuild was originally chosen. However, it became apparent that they were better known by their reputations - the name Brooksprite was quickly replaced with the far more recognisable 'Chalmers and Crump'. 

The business has many a satisfied customer, borne out by some of the recommendations and references it receives. Charlotte Smith of The Starjammer Group tells us more. 

"Mark and Toby came into our office in Havant, and they had ideas and knew what they wanted.  They weren't afraid to take calculated risks with their venture in the early days, and on the whole their diligence and insight has worked in their favour.  We always enjoy working with them on the business and their website." 

Toby tells us his view on working with Starjammer. 

"When we set up the business, we were already well established as craftsmen in our own right. Even so, as a joint venture, we came to Starjammer to set up the business and its processes for us, as we were busy building our business."

Chalmers and Crump Back to success stories

"In the background, they built our website, our social media feeds and sorted our business identity and documentation out.  The service couldn't be friendlier.  What more could you ask for?"