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Barrie Howard

Barrie first came to Starjammer for help with an already successful and thriving business: Toquex was formed in 2011 as a mechanism for businesses and organisations to improve themselves through mentoring and coaching. 

By examining how these businesses operate and behave, Barrie is in his element, resolving issues and working out where processes and quality systems already in place are failing or need to be addressed.


His success rate is phenomenal.  Starjammer looks after both his website and are responsible for the design of the Toquex logo and documentation design. 

"Barrie is an absolute joy to work with.  And we always learn something everytime we meet up", says Steven Parham, Managing Director of The Starjammer Group. "It's always nice to have customers come back to us time and again, and we always look forward to seeing Barrie."

"I remember a couple of years ago one of his visits to the office, and he held the office spellbound with the reason he believes the word 'try' is negative.  'You don't try, you DO.

To try is to work on the expectation that you might fail.  Always do something.  If it doesn't work, do something else; don't TRY to do it, just go for it and see what happens'. 


Everybody in that office listening to Barrie speaking definitely took away some food for thought that day, and there was a noticeable shift in confidence in those that were listening that day".

Toquex is going from strength to strength - Barrie is also a Master Assessor for the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM).

He spends much of his working time in Europe helping organisations from charities to corporations.  You can follow his progress on his website, blog, on Twitter or LinkedIn.